Annual General Meeting

This year our AGM will be held virtually, via Zoom on Monday 12th October 2020 (6-8:30 PM). We will be looking back over 2019 and all our achievements.

Members will also have the opportunity to vote for our first Member Trustees.

Everyone is welcome to attend and you can register for the event for free here: 

Registration closes at 5pm on Monday 12th Oct and Zoom links will be sent out to everyone who registers. A Mailchimp will also be sent to all members.

We will be launching our Annual Report for 2019 which can be downloaded here: Many Minds Annual Report 2019.

Autumn Workshop Series 

Our Autumn series will run every Tuesday evening and Thursday afternoon on ZOOM and are FREE. These are open access workshops, which means you are welcome at any time. We will be working again with Verity Standen to start working on a Many Minds musical which we will share with the public in mid December.

If you are new to Many Minds, you are very welcome to join us.

Please contact Laura on 07732 291250 or and we will run through a very simple membership form with you and you can be put on our mailing list.

If you want to join our mailing list or want more info, you can reach Lily and Laura on: / 07845 178865 or follow us on the Many Minds Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages.