Mental Health and Performance Charity. Feeling alive together.

We are Many Minds, a Bristol based mental health charity that facilitate creative spaces and make performance. We put people who identify with experiences of mental ill-health in the driver’s seat as a way to break down stigma and trigger generosity and equality.

Come and see out upcoming performance:

Dates and times:  Fri 21st 3PM, Saturday 22nd 3 &7 PM , Sunday 23rd 3& 7PM Mon 24th June 7PM.
Where: Queen’s Square, Bristol
Tickets: £6 / Free tickets available for people with no income.
Contact: / 07732 291 250
Let’s go to the squares, streets and parks of Bristol that mean the most to us. Yalla Walk puts refugees, asylum seekers and people who have experienced mental ill-health in the driving seat, so let us lead you to the places where we feel our best and to the edges of where we feel safe. Exploring public and private spaces where we sometimes have no power or control, we have made up our own rules.

Expect to be moved as you see the city we live in through our eyes, as we mourn, play and laugh together. Come with us to walk the shared paths that connect us to one another.