We’re starting our in-person workshops again on Tues 7th June and will be weekly.

When: Tuesdays 5:30-8pm and Thursdays 2-4:30pm
Where: Kuumba Centre, 20 Hepburn Road, St Pauls, Bristol, BS2 8UD

Kuumba Centre access information: 

  • There are no steps to the rooms that we use.
  • There is an accessible toilet (door opens outwards, space for a wheelchair, grab rails, lower sink). 
  • There is a smaller room that we use as a quiet space.  
  • There is an enclosed outdoor space with picnic benches. 

Full details are sent out to members each week. If you want to find out more about how to become a member of Many Minds, contact us at info@many-minds.org and someone will get back to you to get some more details and arrange to talk through the membership form. Call Laura (07732 291 250) or Olivia (07843 210 272).  

Membership and workshops are totally FREE!

Below are some details about the COVID measures we’re putting in place and the space we’ll be working in and our Space Holders for online and in person workshops, made by Many Minds members to keep everyone safe.

COVID measures and details about the space:  

  • Kuumba Centre has a large room where workshops will take place. We will be maintaining a social distance of 1metre (1.5m where possible) 
  • Two doors will be open in the venue during the workshop time to allow for ventilation 
  • Hand sanitiser will be available, and we ask you to use it regularly, especially if eating or drinking 
  • Please do not attend if you are unwell or have been asked to isolate.  
  • There will be some individually packaged drinks and snacks available. There will be limited numbers of these so we welcome you to bring your own drinks and snacks as well if you need them. 
  • Quiet space – there is a small meeting room to the side of the main hall which we will be using as a quiet space for anyone who needs to take some time out.
  • Outdoor space – there is a newly finished outdoor space which can be used to get a breath of fresh area during the session and during breaks.

Travel expenses: If needed, you can claim travel expenses for getting to and from the workshop – we can support with up to £5 per session. Please bring your ticket to the session and provide your bank details so we can pay your expenses – we won’t need to keep your ticket but we’ll take a quick picture for our records.  

Space Holders for In Person Workshops  

  • Support, respect and look after each other 
  • Be kind, considerate, inclusive, non-judgemental and understanding 
  • Be tolerant and respectful of each other’s differences and different opinions  
  • Respect people’s pronoun choice – make a quick apology if you make a mistake  
  • Be aware of how your words and actions might affect others.  
  • Welcome new people to the group  
  • Listen to each other: Try not to talk over each other and allow people time to speak  
  • Save unrelated chatting for breaks times 
  • Take part however is right for you – watching is participating, it is OK to sit out if you need to 
  • Keep snacks and drinks to break times 
  • Keep phone use to break times, unless you need to use it in order to participate or need it on in case of emergency. If so please let us know 
  • No drinking alcohol / taking drugs during the session. Come in a state to engage. If you are deemed too intoxicated to participate, you may be asked to leave and join again the following week 
  • Keep conversations about medication to a minimum as it may trigger other people 
  • There is no such thing as bad ideas, wrong answers or silly questions  
  • No prejudice or discriminatory behaviour (e.g. racism, sexism) 
  • Keep to Many Minds’ covid policies such as distancing and mask/ exemption lanyard wearing (these may change in line with government guidance) 
  • Try to resolve any issues that arise as a group 
  • Have fun!