Many Minds was founded by Olivia Ware (Director) and Viki Browne (Artistic Director) in 2017.

We are a members led organisation, people who come to workshops, work and volunteer with us with are our members and have the right to vote every year at the AGM and input into the future direction of the organisation.  Here’s what some of our members have to say about us;

Toby. “It stops me feeling isolated and depressed” “I love being creative and doing active things, from music, drawing, gardening and woodwork. I heard about Many Minds through Bristol drug services where I used to volunteer. I have been a drug addict for 35 years and been in some dark places with my mental health through addiction. The drama group stops me isolating and getting depressed. I love the people in the group. There is a good mix of men and women. My favourite thing about it is losing myself in laughter. It is so much fun.”
Anna. “I love the creativity and community” “I’m Anna and I’m 24. Mental health problems have been turning my life upside down for the past few years. I have always loved drama and theatre but haven’t been able to do much since being ill. I wanted to come to this group so that I could carry on doing what I enjoy but in a more supportive environment with people who are understanding of my needs. I always come away from sessions feeling a bit better. I love the creativity, the community and the sense of achievement I get from performing with other people.” Anna has recently run the Bristol 10km for Many Minds.
Tyler “My name is Tyler I’m 20 I suffer with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) I started drama last year with cardboard citizens but then moved over to many minds It has helped me come out my shell a lot and embrace who I am and embrace my mental health I also do my own spoken word, here’s a bit of it; This is me Proud to be My BPD Don’t define me Let me be for I am free My mind is trapped lost at sea I can’t escape this hellish dream All I want is to wake up and breath For soon I will break and be relieved For I’ve been deceived by the demons in me You won’t believe what I’ve seen But it’s shaped the legacy of what I’ve been Accept me and be freed Or leave the scene for I don’t need your greed This is me and the f***ed up life i lead Let me be I plead”
Sarah. “Drama helps me be myself and feel accepted” “I have a rare genetic condition called Neurofibromatosis that affects me physically and mentally and I have struggled with depression and anxiety since I was a teenager. I was bullied when I was younger and it stopped me participating in activities and made me lose confidence and belief in myself. I have had multiple operations over the years to remove the tumours that grow under my skin as part of my condition and have been in and out of hospital my whole life. On bad days I don’t feel like going out at all and feel like being here anymore. Drama has really helped me to feel happier and less stressed about life. When I come to Many Minds workshops, I don’t have to worry about anything and I can just have fun and be myself. It is like a big family and everyone accepts me for who I am. Before I joined, all I did was stay at home, sleep or watch Netflix. Now I have something to look forward to doing every week. I have now been in five performances and I have realised that one day I want to be a drama assistant. Being involved in drama has helped me so much with my depression and helped me not to be afraid of showing my feelings. I feel more relaxed and less stressed and I want to help other young people benefit from being involved too.”
David. “It has helped improve my confidence and self-esteem” I have had paranoia, depression, anxiety and have experienced hearing voices and psychotic episodes. I was told about the Many Minds drama group through a life recovery group and thought it would be good for my mental health to meet new people and have a laugh. It is a fun, safe environment and really good for my confidence and self-esteem. It gives me a way to express my feelings and emotions and feel connected to others. I have made lots of positive friendships and it has helped me discover some of my hidden talents. My favourite moment was when I was performing on stage at The Wardrobe Theatre in a scene where I had my shorts on my head.

We wouldn’t be able to function without a team of committed and highly talented volunteers. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts (you know who you are!)
We tend to work with 3 volunteers per-project. Volunteers attend one workshop per week (usually on a Tuesday evening running 6-8.30PM) with additional rehearsals as we work towards a performance. Each project generally runs for 3 months.
We particularly welcome interest from people who self-identify as male, trans and BME/ BAME individuals.
Please get in contact with if you are interested in finding out more.

Many Minds Board of Trustees is made up of:
Becky Chapman (Chair)
Sandy Masters
Anabel Provansal (secretary)
Nir Paldi
Tom Newman
Carina Andrews
Tabby Rodney

We are currently recruiting for a Treasurer. We welcome interest from people with experience of mental-ill health, young people and individuals who Identify as BME/BAME.
Please see our Vacancies Page for more information.