Summer Workshops at Bristol old Vic with guest artists!!

We are pleased to announce that we will be doing 6 FREE workshops for people aged 16-106 where we will play games and make performance in a safe, fun and inclusive environment. The workshops will be facilitated by artists and practitioners chosen by our members at the Bristol Old Vic this August.

WHEN (See below for our program of workshops);
Thursday 8th August 2-5PM – Music for Theatre with JACK DREWERY
Jack will be working with us to give us the tools to create our own music. Tapping into our group creativity to create original music for the stage.
Jack is a theatre-maker, composer, sound designer and musician with a particular interest in collaborative work. He plays piano, percussion, guitar, beatboxes and produces music. He is Artistic director of Tremelo Theatre and musical director of Closer Each Day: The Improvised Soap Opera. He is a member of Interval and associate artist of The Wardrobe Ensemble.

Monday 12th August 2-5PM – Playback Theatre with BREATHING FIRE
Breathing Fire will be doing a Playback Theatre workshop with us. Playback Theatre is a unique form of interactive theatre enabling audiences to tell their stories. Playback Theatre is a safe way of exploring internal thought processes and using the arts to express and communicate.
Breathing Fire are a group of Black women of Afrikan / Caribbean descent who are committed to the empowerment of those who have historically been denied a voice. They are based in Bristol and are the UK’s only Black Women’s Playback Theatre company. They acknowledge that by sharing individual and collective stories, they tap in to the griot (Afrikan storytelling) which is grounded in their ancestral heritage.

Tuesday 13th August 2-5PM — Identi-Dance with LOTTIE BALL
IDENTI-DANCE is an opportunity to share your story through dance. This workshop explores the theme of identity through expressive movement and invites participants to develop a unique piece of choreography based on the experiences that have shaped their lives. This will be supported by music, props and an introduction to dance vocabulary.
Lottie Ball has been training and working in Bristol since 2001. As a dance/movement psychotherapist she has facilitated many different groups but the main focus of her work has been in the field of mental health and disabilities. Alongside this, Lottie runs informal classes, workshops and events that encourage confidence and a sense of community using the platform GET FREE DANCE THERAPY.

Thursday 15th August 2-5PM– Vocal/ beatboxing/ live looping workshop with SHAY SHARMA
Shay will deliver a vocal / beat-box / live looping workshop with the group. The workshop features various bits of music technology which allows for immediate sampling and layering of sounds from digital instruments to vocals to objects around the room. Together we will create a piece of music and then explore some lyrics to express a specific issue / message.
Shay Sharma is a creative practitioner at The Underground Creatives an arts service which specialises in engaging children, young people and adults through urban music, creative writing and media workshops.

Monday 19th August 2-4PM – Singing and Song Writing workshop with WAX LYRICAL
Julia and Chris co-run Bristol’s Wax Lyrical Choir as well as working together as part of South Bristol’s Intergenerational Choir Handfuls of Harmony. They use fun warm ups and songs to help people access their voices and build confidence in singing with others. They believe that everyone can sing and that music should come from a place of calm and enjoyment. In this session they invite you to sing with each other and co-write a song together!

Tuesday 20th August 2-5PM Writing from Personal Experience with RICHARD CROWE
‘Write about your own experience’. That’s what every aspiring writer is told. It’s good advice – it’s what we know. But what about when those memories are traumatic? And how do we avoid the risk of producing therapy not theatre?
Richard will spend the afternoon with us exploring safeguarding yourself as a creative, how to write about and perform an autobiographical story that might be triggering or traumatic whilst keeping yourself well, healthy and safe.
Richard Crowe is an actor and writer living and working in Somerset in the UK. His most recent production, Over the Wall Picking Apples, is Richard’s response to a recent diagnosis of bipolar and is both a powerful and comical exploration of life with a mental health problem. Richard also leads scriptwriting workshops and is part of The Somerset Theatre Makers Collective.

WHERE: Bristol Old Vic, King Street, Bristol, BS1 4ED
The left picture is of the outside of the building. Please meet us in the foyer/ cafe/bar in the right picture at the time of the workshop and we will take you up to the room.


CONTACT: Olivia Ware on or 07843 210272 for info or to sign up.