Many Minds run weekly workshops on Tuesday evenings 6-8pm and Thursday afternoons 2-4pm on Zoom.

We are just a few weeks away from our next performance so if you are new and want to join, come along and see our performance and we can sign you up for workshops next term!

Tickets to our performance of That feeling when our voices meet are free or by donation and available here:

If you want to find out more about how to become a member of Many Minds, contact Laura on 07732 291250 or and we will run through a very simple membership form with you and you can be put on our mailing list. Don’t forget, being a member is FREE!

Members have come up with some things to keep everyone safe in the online workshops. We have called them our Virtual Space Holders. Please have a read if you are joining the workshops. We make these as a group so if you have any ideas for things that need to be added, let us know in the workshops!

Many Minds Virtual Space Holders

  • Support and respect each other throughout the workshop.

  • Welcome new people to the session and make them feel comfortable.

  • Be non- judgemental and understanding.

  • No racism, sexism, ageism (or any of the other prejudice ‘isms’)!

  • Be aware of how your words and actions might affect others.

  • If you have any tasks that you need to do that are not related to the workshop, eg. vacuuming, watching TV, arranging wardrobe, please mute and turn camera off or away from you.

  • Save snacking for the break and keep drinks to a minimum whilst workshop is happening.

  • No drinking alcohol / taking drugs during the session. Come in a state to engage. If you are deemed too intoxicated to participate, you may be asked to leave and join again the following week.

  • Wear at least one layer of clothing if you can be seen by others on camera.

  • Be aware of your background on camera.

  • Mute yourself if you are going to move the camera around.

  • Minimise background noise when unmuted.

  • Choose a user name that you are happy to be identified by the rest of the group when you join the session.

  • Listen to others. Try not to talk over each other. Be aware that that might be a delay on Zoom so this might be unintentional. Allow time people to speak.

  • Try to resolve any issues that arise as a group.

  • Feel free to leave and rejoin the workshop and participate in the way you can.

  • Save phone calls for the break. If you need to take a phone call, mute yourself and turn off your camera.

  • Have fun!

How to use ZOOM;

Go to

  1. Enter your meeting ID:
  2. Click Join.You should then be able to enter your name, you can then type in whatever name you want to use today. This can be your full name, initials, first name or nickname.
  3. Enter the password (We will send this by text and email) – If you are new, contact Olivia on 07843210272 to get the password.
  4. You may want to download the Zoom app for your desktop or mobile phone.

If you need more help there is a short video here from zoom about how to join and written instructions:
or contact us on: or Laura on 07732 291250