I’ve been waiting…

We performed our show I’ve been waiting… at Theatre on the Downs on the 1st and 2nd of October. The show was a huge moment for us as we welcomed audiences to see us perform in person for the first time in nearly two years!

We were thrilled to have over 100 audience members join us over the weekend- a big thank you goes to everyone that came along and, of course, a HUGE well done to our members, volunteers and crew that were involved with the series and performance. We can’t wait to get started on the next series…

We’ve been waiting…

Caught in the same storm.

It’s been a long time…

…making this performance, alone and together, digitally and in person. I’ve been waiting… is an original musical performance and composed and created by Many Minds members and vocal composers Verity Standen and Jack Drewry, directed by Viki Browne.

Using movement, singing and bubble machines Many Minds will take you on a 30 minute journey through sound and song inspired by our connection with nature and her offerings to us during the pandemic. From the grounding in our walks, the air in and out of our lungs as we danced  and the chorus of birds that met us each morning.

…and while we lost your touch, we had hers.   
She filled our cup, so something could grow.   
And it did…

Come with us to explore themes of isolation and the power of nature to offer to comfort and connect us in this playful, uplifting and moving performance.

Many Minds is a performance and mental health charity; Our members performing, staff and volunteers identify with experiences of mental ill-health. We use performance and devising workshops to improve confidence, reduce stigma of mental health, build self-esteem and social skills.

Accessibility for Many Minds audiences

Here’s what our members think an audience can expect from the piece:

Its a walk through months of confusion, loss, discovery, lost it again….. Ah there they are” 

“You can expect… Powerful music, beautiful sounds, beautiful people. Long periods of frustration then….. ENERGY!”

You can expect a graceful box girder bridge”

Many Minds Members

Surreal digital image shows a green field and stormy sky. Person in the centre with their arms up and a window frame covering their hands and face, rain falling onto the frame and person.
Image created by Viki Browne and Many Minds members