Online workshops are not running throughout January and will be starting up again on 3rd February 2021 – keep an eye on your emails and social media for more information on these towards the end of January.

In the meantime, our wonderful Member Trustees (Carina, Tabs and M) have put together some activities, hoping they will help you to continue to feel connected and creative.  

Each Tuesday morning we’ll send out an activity for you to complete at home via email. We’ll be completing ours at 6PM on Tuesday, so do yours then too or in your own time. 

Week 2 activity: 

  1. Check-in!  Do a stretch it feels like your body needs, reflect on how your day has been so far, and think about what you might need today. You can say your check-in out loud, think it or write it down. 
  2. This time we’ve included a different snippet from the song we made for the last project “That feeling when our voices meet” – it’s the plosives section. Check your emails for the clip.

    After listening to the clip spend 5 minutes reflecting on the piece.  

    You can do this by free-writing, finding or take a photograph, drawing an image or creating a movement, in response to the song.  

    These prompts may help: 
  • “If I were on-stage at the Bristol Old Vic I would…” 
  • “If I were in the audience, I’d like to see…” 
  • “I would like the audience to feel…”  
  1. Send in what you’ve created to whether that’s some writing, an image, a video or a voice note. 
  2. Shake it out and do your check out: What did you like about the activity? What did you dislike or find challenging? A reflection on yourself.  

If this section doesn’t work for you, use another song or image for the exercise. Check out this playlist, made by Verity Standen, for some ideas: Many Minds Workshop playlist

Any questions about the activity or anything else can be emailed to  

Best wishes,  

Many Minds, Carina, Tabs and M  

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