Viki Browne | Artistic Director

Get in touch with me about artistic projects and collaborations: / 07732 291 248

I am Viki and I use she/her pronouns. I am the Artistic Director and co-founder of Many Minds. I facilitate workshops with members, direct performances, work with artistic teams, staff, volunteers and the board to try and make our dreams a reality and have an overall eye on the artistic direction of the organisation. I work four days a week.

I am an independent performance artist. You can read more about my work here: In my spare time I like to jump into cold bodies of water, stroke my cat Cyndi Clawpurr and ingest ART in all its forms.

Olivia Ware | Executive Director

Contact me if you want to discuss fundraising, partnerships, strategies and policies or anything else: / 07843 210 272

I’m Olivia. My pronouns are she/her. I am the co-founder and Exec Director at Many Minds. I oversee the support, production, fundraising and all other organisational sides of the charity and lead on safeguarding.

I liaise with funders, partners and potential collaborators to discuss our members ideas and make them a reality.

Outside of work, you might find me dancing, hula hooping, skipping, swimming, climbing up trees or making and playing songs.

Laura Singer | Access Support Worker

Get in touch with me about becoming a member and any support needs: / 07732 291 250

Hello! I’m Laura and I use the pronouns she/her. My role at Many Minds is to support members to join in with our workshops and performances. This could be welcoming new people and telling them about what we do, sending out reminders about events or checking what someone might need to participate while we’re together as a group. I work part time on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.

When I’m not at Many Minds I’m often to be found in a workshop exploring ‘Theatre of the Oppressed’, learning to be a creative life coach or relaxing somewhere with my dog, a nice cup of tea and a good view.

Anna Rathbone | Assistant Facilitator

Get in touch with me:

I’m Anna and I use she/her pronouns. My role with Many Minds is Assistant Facilitator – I help to plan and run workshops. I currently work 2 days per week, usually Monday and Tuesday.

Outside of Many Minds I like to make lots of different kinds of things, from quilts to clown performances! I’m also really passionate about access and inclusion and have been learning British Sign Language for 6 years..

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