A national survey commissioned by Many Minds, a member-led mental health and performance charity and conducted by Survation reveals that 47% of people feel that being creative has boosted their mental health in lockdown.  

The survey that is being released on Tues 1st Dec was carried out by 1003 people aged 18+ online in England and Wales, reveals that 43% have felt more creative during the lockdown and have been involved in more creative activities.  

  • 55% said they listened to more music  
  • 38% played more games  
  • 25% did more arts and crafts  
  • 19% watched more streamed live performances  
  • 14% danced more in their homes  
  • 11% did more singing  

Many Minds’ CEO, Olivia Ware says: “It is interesting to see that more people have been engaging with their creativity in lockdown. The arts bring hope, joy and value to people’s lives and provide a place for people to turn to in hard times. We know that being involved in the arts can be hugely beneficial for people’s mental health. But not everyone has the same opportunities to take part and the arts are not often accessible to everyone. This is what we at Many Minds are looking to address.”  

Many Minds runs workshops and makes high quality performance with people who identify with experiences of mental ill-health. Since the first lockdown in March, they have been running online and phone in workshops and have made two live online performances. They create safe, accessible and inclusive spaces for people who have multiple barriers to engaging with the arts.  

Many Mind’s next performance That feeling when our voices meet, will take place at 7:30pm on Tues 15th December on Zoom. Tickets are available at www.many-minds.org   

Many Minds’ Artistic Director, Viki Browne says: “Before lockdown we had plans to make a large scale devised musical in partnership with a diverse range of people from across Bristol. The pandemic has meant we have had to adapt our plans and our approach, but it hasn’t stopped us from working towards our artistic goals. Working online has presented us with several challenges but has also presented us with some great opportunities. We have found that we have been able to engage with people who might not have found it easy to come to our workshops in person due to their mental health and we have also managed to reach a wider international audience by performing through online platforms.”  

Carina Andrews, Member of Many Minds says: “The lockdown has had a huge impact on my mental health. I had feelings of isolation and anxiety about what to do next. I have felt a loss of control. All the things to manage my mental health aren’t possible and lots of the projects I’m involved in have stopped or paused.   

“Many Minds has been one of the only things that has been consistent through the lockdown. That’s been really beneficial for my mental health and my physical health as we’re moving a lot.  Connection is my medicine, and it has given me a connection with people who accept me as who I am and be in a safe space with others.”  

Many Minds is taking part in the Big Give Christmas Challenge where donations to the charity are doubled from 1st – 8th Dec. To support Many Minds, visit www.many-minds.org/donate.  

2 thoughts on “Almost half of people say creativity during lockdown has boosted their mental health 

  1. Hello! Thanks for your comment. I think that there are two different (but very similar) stats here:
    47% of people feel that being creative has boosted their mental health in lockdown
    43% have felt more creative during the lockdown and have been involved in more creative activities

    Hope that makes it clearer but any questions, just let us know!


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