Many Minds Annual Review 2018 A4

To kick off Mental Health Awareness Week, we at Many Minds are launching our first annual report. The report highlights all the work we have done in our first year and all the connections we have made to make this work possible.

Download your digital copy here: Many Minds Annual Review 2018 A4

We have had an exciting and inspiring first year. We have connected and worked with our members, sharing what we have in common. We have played games, shared vulnerabilities, taken risks, learnt new ways of working, told our stories, overcome challenges and made powerful performance that has touched the lives of our members, volunteers and audiences.

We wanted people to have a little taste of the work that we do and get a sense of playfulness and connection and have based it on a game of SNAP! We worked with Eatcake design to make the report which contains SNAP! cards that you can play with someone to experience a moment of connection with them whilst finding out more about what we do.
You can download and print the Many Minds SNAP! Cards here  or contact Olivia on /07843 210 272 for a printed copy.

We have also partnered with Aglow Films to work alongside our members and make a film about our first year where we also play word SNAP!

We are encouraging people to find someone to play with over this week and share their moments with us on social media. You can find us on :




To find out more contact us on /07843 210 272


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