A few weeks ago one of our much loved members, Zoe Heron passed away.

Zoe was an inspiring intelligent, funny, sensitive and caring person.

 She had a natural artistic flair and brought an incredible creativity to the group. We are so grateful to have had the opportunity to know and work with her over the past year and a half.

Here are some of the things we remember about Zoe:

Her brilliant audio piece in a car as part of our performance at the Harbourside Festival.
Her incredibly shiny, sparkly, snazzy, metallic gem encrusted clothes.
Her performance as Jesus on a neon pink throne and lip-syncing to Imagine by John Lennon in the production Present.
The way she liked games where no one won.
The fact that she disliked to be touched.
Her personal brand of humour even in the most challenging of circumstances.
Her love of the T.V channel game & McDonald’s.
Her relationship with Anna (who first brought her to Many Minds).
Her ability to show up, even when she said she felt at her worst.
Her strength to opt out, as well as opting in.

We would like to thank all family and friends who have kindly donated to Many Minds in Zoe’s memory.



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