P1180087Many Minds members have devised an outdoor walking performance for this year’s Harbour Festival on Sunday 22nd July. Sidewalk will take audiences through squares, streets, car parks and up trees and explore untold stories exploring a different side to our city.

We need a team of volunteers to help out on the day and ensure the smooth running of the three performances we have planned. You might be running one of the performance spots, taking bookings from audiences or helping to get props on site.

These roles are essential for the performance to run smoothly. We need people for 2-5 hours in time slots of 1-3:30pm or 3-6pm or for the full time (1pm -6pm) on Sunday 22nd July if you can! I’s a great opportunity to experience our work and be a part of a great team for the day. We will provide refreshments on the day and a Many Minds t-shirt for your time.

Here are some more details about the show:


Contact Olivia Ware on 07843 210272 or olivia@many-minds.org if you are interested in being involved.

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