IMG-2408On 13th May 2018 after weeks of preparation and training a group of Many Minds members and volunteers ran the Great Bristol 10k, supported and cheered on my members, friends and families. This is our first major fundraising event as a newly established Bristol based charity and so far we have managed to raise £1,560, and there’s still time to donate so if you haven’t already here is the link:

What a run, we all made it past the finish line in under an hour. What incredible love appreciation and support from super-hero supporters as young as 4! What a great team. We are so proud of the runners who are taking positive steps to improve their mental health through exercise and raising money to help support the work we are doing. We saw this quote on another runners t-shirt and it really struck a chord with us
‘if you want to go fast go alone if you want to go far go together’.

As a new charity we wouldn’t be here without the tireless support of our dedicated members, volunteers, board, partners, friends and families who have given us more time, money, support, joy and enthusiasm than we could have anticipated. Thank you everyone for all you have done so far, let’s go far together!

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