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Many Minds are doing street performances around Bristol City Centre to get people talking as part of the national Time to Talk campaign.

We will also be promoting our Artistic Director’s one woman show HELP! about her own experiences of anxiety and depression that she is performing on Feb 22nd – 24th at The Wardrobe Theatre in Bristol.

Click here for tickets:

“When I made HELP! very few people knew about my experiences of mental ill-health. I sort of ‘outed’ myself in a very public way. I never expected the reaction that I got from the show. Audience members came up to me afterwards, wanting to talk about their experiences of mental illness. The fact that they have seen a performance gives people a permission to talk that they might not otherwise give themselves. Young people especially have a positive response,” says Viki.

In the wake of news that the eight Bristol student committed suicide in the last 18 months, Viki feels that it is more important than ever to be helping others start conversations about mental health.

“Making performance was a way for me to process and understand myself and the world better. From working with others that have experienced mental ill-health over the past two years, I have seen what a positive impact it can have on people’s lives,” she says.

We will be running FREE workshops with Many Minds on 7th and 14th Feb at Meanwhile BS3 on Mill Lane Bedminster to explore issues of mental health.

Click here for more info

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